Sunday, 25 September 2016

30 somethings #4 - Cactus

In honour of the fact my first ever Cactus has flowered, (which I'm told means that it is happy with the living conditions I have provided for it), I decided to try and make one in miniature.

Believe it or not, the whole experiment has taken almost a fortnight and I'm still no closer to making a realistic looking Cactus. I started with Fimo and quickly realised that Fimo is not a good medium for something so tiny...actually and more to the point,  I'm no good at sculpting Fimo. I then turned to wood and tried to carve it with a scalpel. How I managed to keep all of my fingers is still a mystery but this is what I ended up with

I have a habit of gripping teeny things in a way that they inevitably skitter into the dark corners of a room, never to be seen again. With this in mind I decided to cast multiples so that at least one of them would survive

The resin duplicates were painted with Vallejo Verde Oliva 083. Now the fun bit

I dipped single strands of model grass into superglue and held it in place with tweezers. Once it was set and I had a few strands together, I trimmed the 'spines' with scissors.

You know, when someone describes my hobby as an obsession I always correct them. I don't think I'm obsessive about miniatures. However, on refelection and after spending almost  two weeks sticking strands of grass to a plastic Cactus with a pair of tweezers...maybe they have a point

Enjoy the rest of your weekend

Pepper =0)