Saturday, 30 April 2016

30 somethings #2 - Modern sewing machine

I put a modern sewing machine on my '30 somethings' to make list because I literally dread copying technology with any degree of accuracy and really need the practice.

I started by designing the file in Inkscape and cutting four pieces from a sheet of 3mm boxwood with the laser. I could have carved from one block of wood but A) I don't think my carving skills are anywhere near good enough and more importantly B) I didn't have a block of wood

I spent four days sanding it with 60grit, 320grit and 1000grit sandpaper whilst trying not to deviate too much from the original design.

Then, almost as an afterthought, I decided to add a socket for the plug and a carry handle at the back with a milling machine

This really should have been done before I started shaping anything but you know, hindsight an' all. The whole thing got a coating of spray wood primer and any mistakes sanded out with micro fine sandpaper. At this point I started wondering how to make a miniature sewing machine foot. The other parts are just bits of metal rod and plastic discs. The foot, however, has moving bits and bits that come off and clip on again. Hmmmm
I found some brass square and rod, soldered them together and then added a piece of very thin brass sheet for the foot

Yeah I know, there's no needle or lifting arm but getting that amount of detail in something so tiny requires nothing short of magical powers or skills that I just don't have. Meh, it's realistic enough for me.
If you need to make something very small look like metal, I find Treasure Silver Gilt Wax is much better than spraying because you can control the amount you use. I always coat it in clear varnish afterwards so the gilt doesn't rub off when you handle it.

I drilled straight through the bottom of the sewing machine, into the top

so that I could glue a stud of metal into where the foot mechanism goes (the holes are covered up so they can't be seen) Then the foot is glued onto the stud with epoxy.

A few stickers later...

Have a fab weekend

Pepper =0)