Saturday, 23 April 2016

30 somethings #1 - Converse boots

I'm a little bit stuck at the moment, trying to get on with the few big projects I'm working on. It's not that I don't know what to do next or a lack of time, rather a problem with space and the fact that I don't have much of that at home. In the past I've been able to utilise an area at work to construct anything big during my lunch hour, but things change. I'll keep working on the goodwill of management but in the meantime, I've written a list of small things to make to keep me motivated. So number one on my list of small 'somethings' ~

Converse boots

As always, the following is how I make them and not necessarily the best or easiest way to make them. I've provided a PDF copy of the Converse boot parts and sole/insoles for anyone wishing to follow my tutorial. These need to be printed on (paper for the shoe uppers and 300gsm card for the soles) at actual size (A4). Please feel free to use/share/publish them if you wish

Converse boots - multiple colours
Converse boots - sole and insole

Have a wonderful weekend
Pepper =0)