Thursday, 31 March 2016

Caroline and Jane's collection at Newby Hall

I recently paid a visit to Newby Hall for the sole purpose of seeing the 60 plus dollhouses generously donated by Caroline Hamilton and Jane Fiddick. I have been to Newby before and would recommend it to anyone who enjoys Robert Adam architecture , Chippendale furniture or likes to see contemporary sculptures up close and personal. I was told that photography in the exhibition was allowed, which is always a bonus as it allows me to share some photographs with those of you who will not get the chance to see it first hand. I also bought Caroline and Jane's book - 'Our DollsHouses' to read as I wandered the exhibition. It's a good read - with humerous and interesting stories that any miniature lover can relate to. 
Personal verdict: both book and exhibition are excellent and well worth the visit.

*apologies in advance for the reflections in the glass*
*click on the photo for full size view*