Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Break over, back to work

There have been a few changes to this blog during my (nearly) four month hiatus. You'll notice that I've tried to make the navigation of my blog a little easier (thank you Kristine for your invaluable help). If you just want a printie or  want to see how I make something without having to trawl through every post, you can simply click on the links above.

In other news, Sarah the talented owner of Amber's House blog sent me a gift in return for a shopping run I made for her last year. What I recieved was so thoughtful, I had a lump in my throat. Sarah made me the perfect selection of sewing accessories, a cushion with superbly sharp corners and...a mini Gerry.

I can't imagine how many hours she spent making such lovely things. Thank you again Sarah, I love them all.

Pepper =0)