Friday, 21 August 2015

In the Kitchen

I don't possess the natural flair some people have, mixing colour and style in a room. I can visualise something I'm making without difficulty but I am not at all confident when mixing bold colour or designs together. So I've made a couple of kitchen cabinets that may or may not become part of the decor.
To start, I took measurements from my own life-size kitchen and sketched out a scale down version from the end elevation of the base units. This gives me the depth of the cupboards from the wall, how thick the worktop needs to be and the height of the plinth. The width measurements, (looking face onto the kitchen), don't matter so much because I'm basically making them to fit the length of the wall.

Since I had some 6mm MDF left over after making the bathroom walls, I used this. But on reflection a thinner wood may have been smarter because now I have to struggle fitting an under slung sink into it. I measured the width of wall where the kitchen will be in Fenton Lodge and then worked out a cutting plan.

Back, front, two sides and a base
Back, front and sides glued together

Base glued on

Looking from the end of the units
There will be no opening drawers or doors on the units. I just want to get the look of a kitchen without spending weeks on it. This is done by gluing cupboard 'doors' and 'drawer' fronts onto the base. I started with this one which I quite like. It's walnut sheet with a lovely variegated shade from dark to light.

The next one started as plain plywood which I didn't like so I coloured it in with a blue felt tip pen. Nope, still didn't like it. Next I painted it over with grey (which you can see is still wet in places). Nope...this one isn't getting any better.

I liked the idea of the cutlery and crockery etched shapes but didn't know where to go from there. The last one is bright orange. I love the colour but I don't know how to fit it in with other pieces of furniture.

The only thing that I'm sure of is the wrap around worktop which is 2.5mm white acrylic. I think I need some Pinterest inspiration.

Have a great weekend

Pepper =0)


  1. Giving vivid color to a kitchen means making it a focal point. If you want the kitchen to just blend in and not draw attention then keep it in neutral magnolia, wood (like your dark wood model), white or light shade of whatever color. All the gadgets in the kitchen will then make it 'lively'. And if you want to make it really dramatic and repeat the dark outside: see !!

  2. I love the cabinets so far, very modern.

  3. Beautifu cabinets. All tthe three are fabulous colors I think the walnut cloror is now my favourite, it is very chic! Also the bright orange is also cool!

  4. Hello Pepper,
    I for one love the design of the cabinets and the orange color! It looks beautifully modern and I think would work well with your design. Just a thought, if the white structure were black (I'm thinking of the exterior of your project with the dark windows, the orange might give a different effect you might like?
    *I can't wait to see what your final decision will be. This cottage is looking wonderful!
    Big hug,

  5. I love the Orange, it gets my vote! The cabinets and colour look great. When I'm having a design dilemma I'm like Marion, I take to Pinterest or for portability, the IKEA catalogue. Another site that might resonate with you is Scavolini They have really nice kitchen designs that are close replicas to your cabinets. And you could just commit to lower cabinets in Orange and uppers in a neutral! Just toss in a few orange accents elsewhere to provide balance. Love it!

  6. I love the design of the cabinets and I love bright colors in a kitchen. The orange is really cool. I would prefer the combination of light grey and orange. The walnut is very elegant by itself.
    Your work on the cabinets is fantastic.
    Hugs, Drora

  7. Hi Pepper! I think your cabinets look Wonderfully modern and sleek! I am partial to the orange ones... I love color! And my own RL kitchen has walls of orange with sliver cabinets and stainless steel appliances. The orange is "cooled" with a dark green wainscot where it is visible (not much in a kitchen!) I think the wood ones are beautiful but might "disappear" against the dark wood floor in your Lodge. As for accessories... Polka dots were in fashion back then and Saarinen Table and chairs might work too! But who am I to tell you what it needs! You have Flawless taste in your designs!!! I can't wait to see what you come up with!

  8. Hi Pepper! I so get those dilemmas...trying to figure out the "right" thing! I am with the others, I love the orange color as a counterpoint to your dark stains for the exterior and for the floors...BUT, I think the way it is, it would take over entirely and you might not be happy with it.

    Here is a suggestion...that I think would leave the orange, but tone the cabinet down and make it truly fit with the rest of your build by altering the white color. I don't know what you had planned for color in the kitchen over all, but based upon what I see so far, I think if you took the top and sides of your cabinet and stained them in a similarly dark tone to your floors and/or exterior, the effect would be just right.

    Now looking back I see that Giac suggested similarly. I really think that would be consistent with what you've done...if you did want some of the white...(I've noticed you tried using white in all three cases, which leads me to believe you might want to introduce that) then consider darkening only the base and sides of the cabinet, and leaving the top surface white....That would also help ground the unit with the rest of your build...

    Just a couple of will figure it out, you always do! And I imagine it will blow away any suggestions we made! Good Luck!


  9. I'm in awe... I can hardly imagine to build three furniture pieces just to have a choice. The walnut one is a classical, beautiful piece and could be pimped with accessories and wall colours - but it's somehow the safe choice to me. The second one is fun with the decorative elements, but not very functional. Like most of the others the orange seems like a hit for me - what a bright, sunny element for a kitchen. But I'm not you... and I have no doubt you will make just the right decision... ;O)


  10. Hi Pepper! Each one of these units is a Keeper but I know that your kitchen space is limited,... too bad. :))
    My suggestion is to go by the atmosphere that you are trying to achieve. The wood unit appears on trend, warm and modern, with a nod to "lodge". The gray, has an light "Ikea" style that to me is more Scandinavian. ( and by the way, the cutlery and dish ware icons are ingenious!)
    The orange is fun, bold and I love it! I associate it with more of a "Retro" style ( ie. over-scaled daisies on the wall, shag rugs, etc.)
    Also consider the color of the appliances that your chosen counter will be living with.

    Whatever you finally decide though, I KNOW that I will be IMPRESSED Pepper because Your work ROCKS!

    And I mean that sincerely


  11. Let's try this again...(I hate blogger, you can bet google is up to something, blogger is giving me fits....)
    I wrote:
    I like the walnut. The orange color was very popular in the '70's and that is what it reminds me of, retro.
    The gray and white one is fun. Whatever you decide, the lodge is turning out wonderful---

  12. hi pepper, oeh, I like the wood a lot, but also the orange, as others have said, it really pops! The cuttlery-handles I like a lot too, I had those on my RL kitchen once, thought it was great fun, the colour or the cabinets I'm not too sure of. I'm afraid the choice depend on the overall style you would like. And if you like the cabinets to blend in or pop. Not much help huh? ;) Maybe this helps: go for the wood one! Then if you feel like, yeah, I do that! then that's a good choice. If you feel like: mm.. really? and you feel more towards the orange, then that's your answer. At least I've noticed in the past that if you let someone just pick one for you, you're feeling suddenly speaks clearly into agreeing or not and you know what to do. Maybe not with you, but it was worth to share my in-the-past-proven-way, right? Nice work so far nevertheless!

  13. I love the walnut, but that orange definitely gets my vote! It reminds me of the old 60s/70s Sindy kitchens, so vintage styles could be a good source of inspiration?

  14. Wow! They all look great. What did you use as the drawer handles in the walnut one?

  15. I really like both the walnut & the orange version, but being a nut for bold colour i love the orange best. I'm so looking forward to seeing your lodge when it's finished, it's going to look stunning.

    I was thinking about you last night while perusing an issue of Elle Decoration - it had a feature on a guest house by Studiomama which had a great kitchen with bright orange refurbished "Re-Imagine" chairs combined with a white table & walls, & light wood cabinets & flooring. Anyway, I thought you might like to check it out.