Sunday, 30 November 2014

Report from the Kensington Dollhouse festival ( a lot of photos)

It feels as though I have been away for a month considering how many new posts in my Blogger dashboard I need to catch up on. I'm back from London and my first ever visit to the Kensington Dollhouse Festival
Needless to say it was fantastic - a chance to meet the wonderfully charming and extraordinary Kristin Baybars (video including Kristin here) and then a fair brimming with super talented miniature artisans. 

So, a few photographs of the fair and a selection of my purchases.

First day - Hubby outside Kristins' shop, just over two miles north of Kings Cross if you ever want to visit. I spent over an hour chatting and taking a tour of the thousand plus miniatures Kristin has on display and for sale. I felt quite sad leaving. It struck me how isolated Kristin is given that only the most ardent of miniaturist would seek out her shop. It's her eightieth Birthday in December so I thought it would be lovely to send her a Birthday or Christmas card to show her that the miniature community is alive and kicking. The shop address is:
 7 Mansfield Road, London. NW3 2JD if you could take a moment out of your day to send her some good wishes =0)

Second day -  the festival. 

Jens Torp

 I'll just mention here that it is always courtious to ask if you can take photographs first. Jens thanked me for asking and gave me that beautiful smile =0) His work is exquisite. I really, really, really wanted that French Horn even though I have nowhere to put it...

Mulvany and Rogers had a stunning room box on display. I wanted to ask if they had any plans to bring out a second book of their work, but a queue around their table made it nigh impossible. My Hubby had to shout to Susie to ask if we could take this picture...well he has the loudest voice of anyone I know.

Patrizia Santi

Patrizia is a favourite of mine. I LOVE her work as you can see by how many items I bought at the show =0)

I love that Patrizia puts the shoes in a box and bag for you, like in a real life shoe shop =0P

Truly Scrumptious

Truly Scrumtious are another favourite. I managed to get some fabulous items for my shed project.

You got your purchases in this sweet 'house' box =0)

Five Valley Bears (email - no site)

I bought just the sweetest worn out bear and bunny from these lovely ladies.

Domino Miniatures (Email - no site)

Dominique from DominoMiniatures makes luggage, bags and accessories from a variety of materials. I bought a set made from chicken leg skin O-O It sounds weird, right? but it looks amazing

David Provan (email - no site)

I bought quite a few of David's miniatures. They really are beautifully made.

I could not decide between the red or cream Anglepoise, so I got both =0P

Montserrat Folch

Montserrat Folch had some wonderful items. I bought some boxes and books and I recieved some extra gifts too, which I thought was a lovely gesture =0)

L & A St.Leger (email - no site)

More items for my shed courtesy of L & A St.Leger.

Even more items for the shed. I have to say I was thrilled to get this because it was the last one. By Piamini (email - no site)

The items below are made by Vitreus Ignis It is unbelievably intricate. The bull is barely 10mm high.

The vase reacts to sunlight and when you turn off the lights - look what happens. How freakin' cool is that! =0D

A few more photos.


Eleonora Cappelletti (email - no site)


I bought more from other sellers but I'm about goosed after such a hectic weekend. I better get my house in order before work in the morning.

Hope you've had a good weekend

Pepper =0)


  1. muchas gracias por las fotos de la feria , son fantasticas y las miniaturas una maravilla
    esas compras son geniales y seguro que les sacaras mucho partido



  2. Great pictures I felt like I go to attend. So any marvels, just thinking how to arrange my room for Christmas decorations in the houses. Thanks CM

  3. Ooooh THANK YOU!!!!! I loved seeing the photos. I would have loved 100 more. You found some wonderful things for the shed. I adore the shoes and purses.
    Jens is such a lovely gentleman. He is always dressed so nicely at shows. I have had the pleasure of meeting him in Chicago. His work is just beautiful!
    I am so glad you went and had a good time. I admit to being pea green with envy. ;-)))

  4. I was there last year and I believe I was as equally excited as you seem to be, it was wonderful!! I visited "KB's" shop several years again.....what can I say 😳.

  5. Wonderful photos, it is a dream of mine to get there one day! Your purchases were fantastic I wait to see you place them in your wonderful builds!


  6. Dear Pepper, lucky girl! How wonderful to go to the show. Thank you for takingm time topmost the photos. I actually gasped when I saw the enlarged photos of Patrizias bags and shoes! We miniaturists are a funny lot! I will mail a Christmas card/birthday greeting to Kristin tomorrow.
    Regards and thanks.

  7. Oh my goodness! What incredible minis!!! Someday maybe I will make it to the Kensington Festival..... (in my Dreams!) It looks like you had a Fantastic time... and found Great stuff! Thanks for sharing all the pictures..... eye candy like this is not available every day!

  8. Thanks for sharing! Oh gosh *hands to cheeks* how wonderful the show must have been! Looking forward to more updates from youuuu~~!!!

  9. Merci pour ces jolies photos. De bien beaux objets miniatures. Bravo aux artistes...!
    Amicalement, Dominique

  10. Thank you for sharing these wonderful pictures of awesome miniature work! They are really excellent artisans!! Enjoy all of your new purchases, I hope to see them in your builds.
    I wish I could ever go to the KDF.....but for me it is just like Betsy: in my dreams ;)!
    Hugs, Ilona

  11. Oh lucky lucky lucky you (and what a great idea to send birthday cards to Kristin). You brought back memories of my visit to Kristin, and the Kensington Dollhouse Festival far too long ago.

  12. *sigh* Someday I'll make it to Kensington. Thank you for the trip report and the drool-worthy pictures!

  13. Beautiful miniatures! I love the angelpoise lamps and those shoes? To die for!

  14. ¡Cúantas cosas maravillosas! Habrás disfrutado mucho

  15. So many beautiful and interesting miniatures! Thank you for sharing these photos.
    Hugs, Drora

  16. So many cool miniatures...thanks for sharing!

  17. Thank you for sharing your visit with us. The work of these artisans is incredible! I love the Anglepoise lamps, how tall are they? I have seen their "giant" floor lamp versions for real life decor, and I wonder if these would be the same in a miniature setting. I am looking forward to seeing you use your new acquisitions in a miniature scene!

  18. Oh wow! Tried to comment earlier but blogspot was acting up. So I got a second (and then a third :D ) look at everything. You've taken great photos of everything too. Everything is fantastic. Really enjoyed the video too, I could really relate to everyone in it....we're a strange lot eh? :/ :D Is Kristin going to be flooded with cards? I'm going to send her a 1:12 scale one :D

  19. Hi Pepper! I thoroughly enjoyed the video and the photo tour of the KDF and all of the marvelous miniature items that you have shown. The quality of the craftsmanship is ASTOUNDING and truly this is the Show of Shows when it comes to miniatures! I certainly had fun seeing all of your goodies and I can just imagine the rush that you must have felt finding the last of the workbenches; Well Done! :D


  20. The next best thing to actually going to the show is seeing so many wonderful photos. Thank you, I enjoyed them! I see we have similar tastes, the shoes ( I buy several pairs from Patricia whenever I can too), the work bench, the David Provan pieces, the worn out bear...Wonderful shopping! I have never seen anything like that vase, I love that effect! And the tiny paper weight...
    Great photo of Jens!

  21. Wow, so much amazing stuff! I'm betting you had a stiff neck not knowing what to look at next! My favorite is probably the boxes of books, a particular weakness of mine!
    Kind regards, Brian.

  22. WOW, what a great show and you got some nifty treasures. Looking forward to see how you use them. Great pictures and post - thanks.

  23. Thanks everyone. It was a great weekend and I would encourage anyone to make the trip if they can.

    Neen, the David Provan Anglepoise is a 12th scale of the desk lamp so it's barely 3 inches tall. Perfect for a miniature desk scene =0D

  24. What a fabulous show and amazing purchases! Are you going to be able to fit all of those things in the shed? ;-) You really have an eye for gorgeous minis, Pepper, and there are so many lovely things you've shown us, but would you care to guess which one is my personal favorite? Maybe you figured it out--it's that darling green plush rabbit--wow! Wish I could have been there to spend some money on some tiny bunnies! I hate to say it, but miniatures are dying out in the Pacific NW (Portland and Seattle). We have nothing like the beautiful artisan pieces you showed at our shows. Sad, really. Fortunately, however, it's not dying out where you live. Long live the miniatures hobby! xo Jennifer

  25. I finally have had the time to sit down and watch the video you linked above. (Christmas season gets so busy!) Some of the details in the houses from the video were just crazy detailed. And I loved the woman's husband, his reaction to the whole thing was great haha. My boyfriend often gives the same looks! Thanks for sharing it! I loved getting a tour of the show through your pictures too! You found some really nice pieces (how did you choose with so much selection?!) I hope your week is going well xo

  26. Still wish we could have attended the festival together! BTW, you have excellent taste in miniature shoes.

  27. Unas fotografías preciosas y unas compras encantan los conjuntos de bolso y zapatos de Patrizia.! Gracias por la dirección de la tienda de miniaturas...Prometo felicitar a la dueña...Un beso

  28. Hi Pepper--LOVE this post! I've never been to a miniature show before, but after watching the videos and seeing your pictures, I'm dying to go to one! I thought I'd only be interested in modern minis, but now I'm a changed woman. Thanks for sharing and I've really been inspired!

  29. Great photos, and amazing miniatures!

  30. Fabulous show and wonderful items! Thank you for amazing pictures and video!

  31. Thanks for sharing! So many "most have" things =) I'm almost glad I couldn't addend this one, I wouldn't have any money left afterwards =)
    It's always nice to see pictures from shows I can't go to, I'm amazed how many talented miniaturist there are out there!

  32. Congratulations on such a great bunch of ministuff, you've got some real treasures there Pepper! That vase, that is just the craziest but wonderful thing..! Love the shoes, bags, lamps, boxes etc etc, love it all, enjoy!