Monday, 22 September 2014

Quick intermission

This isn't at all miniature related, but a short tutorial about putting 'smileys' or animated gif's into your blogger blog posts. The Grandmommy asked how, so I'm putting it out there to save you the Google search time if you want some animated villiage people mingling in your posts, but you're a technophobe like me.

I know this works for Blogger --- not so sure about Wordpress or other weblog publishing tools.

First, you need to find an animated GIF. There are a ton of them on the free-to-join, image hosting site -  Photobucket
When you find something you like,
you see an email code, a direct code and an image code written underneath. For blogger you need to right click, copy the direct code in the grey box.
Now, go to your post and wherever you want the smiley to appear, you click the photo icon above your post

a box will appear

You need to choose 'From a URL' and paste the code you just copied into the box below. When you click 'add selected' (box at the bottom of the page), the smiley will appear in your post. That's it. I've put some of my favourite animations with their codes below if you want to try them out. They come from my account so they're not dodgy or copyrighted.

and my all time favourite dancing moomoo



  1. Thanks Mitchie...these are so cute! I am going toi try picking out some I like put them on a blank post and keep them there until I want to use them on other posts. Wonder if that would work? hmmm

  2. Thank you Pepper. I have wondered about how that was done.

  3. Hi Pepper! These are really cute! I'm lovin the Little Village People! :D


  4. Cute! Thanks for the great info! xo Jennifer

  5. These are really great, I didn't know how to do this too ;) so thanks!! Great info, Pepper!

  6. Hi Pepper! Thanks for the little tutorial, I'm definitely going to use these!!
    Kind regards, Brian.