Saturday, 1 February 2014

Clean up - clear out

I've finally started making a permanent display for some of the miniatures I've collected over the years. I mentioned in an earlier post that I intended to build a tool shed to house my Danny Shotton collection. It grieves me to have to store them away in a drawer rather than have them displayed for anyone to see. Usually when someone who likes miniatures visits, I need at least a day forewarning so that I can unpack them all.
I found a couple of sheets of American Lime in my wood pile which is perfect for a 12th scale version of 2 x 4 inch timber, then Googled a few shed plans to work from. I could have made this project much simpler; constructed an MDF room box and routed the surface to make it look like individual pieces of wood, but I want to try and make it as realistic as possible. Up to now I have this:

 Yes, that is my kitchen. Yes, this is where I make miniatures 95% of the time and yes, my tools are stuffed into cupboards that used to house the pots and pans. The frame has a window aperture on the right hand wall and I will be hanging double doors in the front. I think this should give me enough natural light for the room. The size is equivalent to a 10 x 14 foot shed in real life. There's a lot to do before I can start making anything to put inside but that doesn't stop me looking at workbench plans and the like. I'm just too impatient for this hobby =0P

So before I get off my backside and start making the roof trusses, I have a few things that need a new home after I had a tidy up of my 'bits and pieces' box. Remember the jigsaws I made with the laser cutter? I have half a dozen of them and morally, I can't sell them because the images I used don't belong to me.

 So if they are any good to anyone...They're 9 x 7 cms which will probably suit someone with a BJD. Or, if you're a sadist, you could use them as an actual jigsaw, peel the pieces from their backing and spend the next month cursing me. Oh and this

I bought this in a mad moment at a fair. You need to use the brick compound with it to make a herringbone pattern. If it's any good to anyone *shrugs* leave a comment on this post. If you want the chance to win the brick template only, please state 'Brick' in your comment. If you want the chance to win the jigsaw only, state 'Jigsaw' in your comment. If you're happy to win either, just comment =0)

I'll pick some names randomly on Wednesday 5th February.

Have a great weekend

Pepper =0)


  1. I love the idea of a shed to house your collection of tools. Danny's work is fantastic. I have just started my wn collection. It is hard to get in the US since he doesn't have a web site.

  2. Pepper, This shed is going to be a perfect way to showcase those pieces! I have the same problem trying to unbox things when people come over to see :) And can I just say I love how you make miniatures in your kitchen. I would really like to see where most of us create our minis, I'm doubtful many actually have set aside workspaces. (My bedroom is basically a miniature studio with a bed way back in the corner).
    The jigsaw pieces are so colourful! I think they would make really awesome modern wall art in a living room scene. Thanks for doing another giveaway :) I look forward to seeing more of the shed's progress.

  3. I am excited about your shed! I wish I had whatever it takes to do that. I belong to a woodworkers guild only one person does minis and he lives a long way off and has a very busy business in the big world. The others don't have a clue!
    I could use that brick template for my large house I started to stucco and didn't like. The puzzle piece would be great in my family/bonus room!

  4. I love how the shed is turning out Carol it reminds me of when i built my own, i have no doubt it will look exceptional once its completed.I too have to admit to using our kitchen as a workspace ;) Best wishes Tony.

  5. I would love one of those jigsaw puzzles to use in my dioramas, and I'm looking forward to seeing the shed.

  6. I am with Tony:the skeleton of the shed looks a bit like if you are building a real one. It looks great so far. If the shed will get brick walls you can also use the brick template for the walls, or maybe for a floor in this shed? This type of herringbone template is often used for floors like this and not only for streets. I think all is also depend of what sort of miniatures from Danny Shotton you like to display.....
    Like you I also work at my kitchen table, I think a lot of us will do that ;)!
    Have a nice weekend!

  7. I'm so looking forward to see the shed finished!!! I know it will come out great (as everything you do) but I'm very curious and I have to say that I like the start!! :) It is said that the kitchen is the heart of the wonder if many of us do everything in there!! :) You are so generous in giving away those items Pepper!! Hugs!!

  8. I love the tool shed! :D Since I've won one of your generous giveaways in the past, you don't need to include me. :D

  9. Love the shed so far!! And yes, guilty: kitchen it is... Every time a friend comes over for dinner, I'm in a panic because somewhere under the mess (bottles of glue, wood, fabric etc...) is a table... I think...

  10. Hi Pepper! It's nice to know I'm not the only person to hijack a room for it's unintended purpose!!
    The frame of the shed looks great so far, and fair play to you for not taking the easy option. I look forward to updates!
    Count me in on the draws please! Even though I never win anything, ever, at all, (hint, hint) *big soppy eyes*
    I wonder if I could make a brick jigsaw?
    Kind regards, Brian.

  11. Love your plan for Dany's collection! Seeing realistic photos from the "play yard" is so much fun....
    Don't count me in on the draw, I'd written anyway.

  12. I'm liking that shed so far. Yeah, you might have been able to fake individual pieces of wood, but sometimes it's more satisfying to actually build a tiny building for real. :)

    If you're doing a drawing, I wouldn't mind having my name in for the brick pattern, looks like something fun to try.

    Eagerly waiting to see more of this shed,

  13. Love the shed idea.. Mine would be full of half done projects. Lol or a yard sell of the ones I've made doubles of. Would love to be in the drawing.

  14. Love your shed so far. I have about decided to build my doll house this way, with framing and such... Would love to be in your drawing.


  15. I have to admit that I had to research Danny Shotton after reading your post because I was not familiar with his work. I found that his creations are amazing and the way your shed is progressing, I can see that it will be a fabulous place to show off his fabulous work! Thank you for holding this drawing, although you downplay your effort in creating the puzzles, I can see it took quite a bit of work to find the photo, size it, print it, cut the wood up, and then create a box. I would love to create a miniature scene around one so please enter me in the puzzle drawing only. Someday, I would love to hear the story of how you learned to work so well with wood.

  16. that shed looks amazing already, will be super amazing when it's finished! Would love to be included in the draw for the brickwork - thanks. It's great to get your regular posts again xx

  17. Hello Pepper,
    the shed is looking great. I love miniature projects built from the studs. The giveaways you offer are great but please count me out as I do not need them.
    Big hug,

  18. oh~~ that shed is going to be AMAZEBALLS I KNOW IT. and I would have commented anyway, so count me out of the draw :D


  19. What a great way to show off that amazing work!