Tuesday, 31 January 2012

On the first of January 2012, heavily influenced by several a few celebratory New Year drinks, I made a list of what can only be described as optimistic resolutions.

1. Partake in a healthier life style ~ So far this has been accomplished by watching joggers from the comfort of my car and sympathising with them
2. Learn to use a camera properly ~ My best, soon-to-be-ex mate convinced me to join A photo a day for a year group on Flickr with the delusional idea that this would improve my limited ability. This seemed a good idea given that practice apparently makes perfect and that miniatures demand good photography in order to show them at their best. I offer my apologies to anyone who is privy to my photo stream. They tend not to be of miniatures =0/
3. Spend less time at work ~ I am committed to this resolution however my boss does not share my enthusiasm
4. Spend one hour a day catching up with everyone's blogs ~ Sooooo isn't happening
5. Last, but not least Make one miniature a week ~ this has been extended to include 'make or purchase a miniature a week' I am happy to say this is on schedule and after the Spring Miniatura, I should be three months ahead =D

So enough of broken resolutions. 

This is part of a swap package for Snowfern It's okay, she's already seen it so no spoiler alert necessary. I still can't get to grips with the distortion you get with a camera lens, so the vertical parts always seem to bow even though they aren't. Dangnabbit! Any ideas?
There are two silver charm bracelet charms in the picture from my 'purchase a week' resolution. The link for the bracelet is easy enough to grind away but since the silver oxidizes over time, I'm expecting they will be a pain to keep clean.

My next 'purchase a week' was a scale replica building from Finch and Fouracre They have an Etsy shop if you follow the link. This building is a Scottish tenement and is perfectly formed. They're sent out flat and in kit form so you need to follow the included instructions to fold the aluminium into shape. So cute!

Last year, the fabulous Shopping Sherpa sent me a miniature knitted pouffe which I had long envied. Despite the fact that I do not speak fluent knit, I decided to try my hand at making one. I can just about knit...nothing so fancy as cable stitch you understand, but I thought it was doable. I knitted a rectangle, 24 rows long, 20 stitches wide with size 2 1/2 needles. I think the trick to these is stuffing them outwards so they look dumpy rather than cylindrical.

Lo and behold, in my long absence from blog land I discovered Margaret_Loves had not only started a blog but had also discovered a fabulous knitted pouffe of her own *yay*. Margaret_Loves is another cool modern miniature maker so have a mosey on over to her blog for some more mini eye candy.

Okay, short post but it's a start. I'll be playing catchup-blog tomorrow so get the kettle on, I'll bring the cookies =0)


  1. Great concept, but some of it is unlikely that I can hold on! I mean most of the 3.számra (the bosses, very little empathy skills are: (), and hence, no number 5. Maybe hgoy elhatározásodban to follow you because it really sounds good! I really like the retro cabinet!
    Have a nice day! Anda

  2. I love that little bus. Where did you get it?

  3. Thanks Anda, you have a great day too =0)

    Hey there Troy. I bought the bus from a jewellry store in the UK but I've also seen them on Ebay =0)


  4. Ok, everything is lovely but to answer your question about the distorted photo:
    You need to zoom a little to avoid that distortion. The distortion is due to the wide angle of your camera, if you zoom just a little, then your camera thinks "oh I don't need to be wide angled" and the distortion disappears :)

    And I want to swap with you too!

    1. Thanks PetitPlat, I'll give the zooming a go. Miniature photography is a steep learning curve.

      More swaps =0), I'm getting quite a collection! I'll be happy to when things slow down a bit, Thanks

  5. HUHUHUHU i'm so slowwwww i'm almost done with my side of the swap!!! i promise i'll be done soon!!! cannot WAIT to hold and admire your wonderful work :D :D :D :D

    1. Hey no hurry sweets. I know how busy you are =0)

  6. *writes not to Peppers boss*

    Dear Bossy person,

    Making Miniatures is way more important than counting stuff... Get a monkey to count things and let Pepper spend more time on her art!


    1. You know he never takes any notice. You got any Anti-Boss Spray left?

    2. None... have had to use it all....

  7. Great resolutions! I like those kind of resolutions (love the jogging one :) Your pouffe and cabinet/shelf making skills are amazing! Great job! I can't wait to see more. Thank you so much for the shout-out! I had to try not to squeal when I saw my name reading my feed. I am happy to be part of the "club" of modern miniature people now :)

    1. Hey there M. Happy to give a heads-up for your fab blog. The more the merrier I say when it comes to miniatures =0)

  8. I'm so thrilled to have found your blog! Your work is incredible and I'm so impressed! I'm probably going to make the mini modfire in brass. I've been skimming through lots of older posts, and certainly looking forward to future posts!! Keep up the good work :) Maybe someday, if your list gets shorter, and I get more confident, we could do a swap too...

    1. Hey there TinyFixation. Thank you and are you kidding me? More confident? I've just had a quick look at your blog and you stuff is very cool. Very inspiring

  9. This post totally made me laugh. We have a bike path in front of our house so I watch joggers/bikers blaze past while I'm scarfing down a bag of chips.

    I feel you on the photography. So much to learn. I'm trying to find a macro photography class to figure it all out.

    I love your #4 resolution. I so enjoy reading everyone's blogs, but never find time to comment. Trying to make time.

    Making one miniature a week is very ambitious and exciting for all of us. When are you going to start selling!?!? I would love to do a swap with you, but I don't make anything half the quality of you, so I'd be ecstatic to buy something of yours!!!

    I have been buying charms as well, but I was hoping you could shed light on what tools you use to grind off the link for the bracelet? Buying new tools is next on my list and I'd love to know what tools you find the most useful.

    Thanks for the inspiration!!

    1. Hey there Megan,
      I'm convinced that thinking about exercise burns off calories too so watching is actually partaking, no? Macro photography is a swear word in my house (as my Husband will testify)
      Would anyone buy my stuff? I think the novelty is there but it would soon wear off =0/
      I have sadly slipped in keeping this blog up to date with what I initially intended in the first place...how I make stuff etc. I will make a post on tools/technique very soon
      Apologies =0*

  10. ARGH!! Make an etsy shop, you!!!
    With love,