Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Just a quickie

This is just a quick post that may help anyone wanting to make IKEA style furniture. Recently, I finished a swap piece for the lovely Tam Toum She wanted the Ikea Stockholm Cabinet reproduced in 12th scale. After stalking my local IKEA store for an hour armed with a measuring tape, the staff persuaded me to leave ha! I'm one of those people who needs to know the far end of a fart before I can make anything. I want to open/close/disassemble/poke and prod something so that I know how the 1:1 scale version is put together. This may be old news for most, but IKEA have a site listing the assembly instructions for all of their furniture.

 Once you have the overall size, you can pretty much gauge the size of each component. Plus it saves being escorted off the premises by their burly yet charming staff ;0) *kidding*

Anyway, this is the cabinet I made for Tam Toum

I'm sure she will post pictures of the other items I sent her via her blog Miniature Stuff, when she's completed her cool new project =0)

Til next time
Pepper x


  1. Es un hermoso mueble, perfecto!
    Un abrazo

  2. Wow, that is awesome. Seriously, you should do this for a living!

  3. awww mannnn~~! AWW MANNNNNNNN


    i know, i'm so eloquent. *snurk*


  4. This is quite phenomenal. I really wish I had your skills and Tam Toum's mini Ikea cabinet. And...I have never in my life heard the phrase "the far end of a fart" before. It is insanely hilarious to me. I don't even know exactly what that means but then I actually do know what it means. Crazy funny and it is now stuck in my "phrase of the day" collection. HA HA!

  5. Muchas gracias Rosa Margarita. Es usted muy amable

  6. Thanks Mad For Mod. Maybe one day...=0)

  7. Hey Cindy, Thank you. Awsomness right back atcha!

  8. Hey there MMC,
    I must do a post of translations one day. I use colloquial phrases from around these parts and forget that I'm not chatting to someone down the pub =0)

  9. Fantastic work!!!
    Merry Christmas - God Jul!

  10. Thank you Mona and all the best to you and yours =0)