Friday, 4 November 2011

Its been a funny old day

I've had a productive day today. It started with the hand over of Mrs B's victorian-esque dollhouse.

In early July this year, Mrs B asked if I could decorate a dollhouse that she had bought a decade earlier for her two daughters. Having been given two blurry phone images of the house, I hadn't quite understood the task I was taking on.

 The house had been built by a DIY-er, in MDF with nothing more than a handful of panel pins holding it together O-o Some of the window casements had been damaged, the doors split and all of the windows where covered in the horrible glue that comes from being held in place for many years with cellotape. I'm not sure whether it was Mrs B's heartfelt pleading for help or blind determination that kept me going. Probably a mixture of both

 Fast forward three months and I'm pleased to say the house is finished...well decorated and ready for the new inhabitants to move into.

 I decided to install a Chrysnbon bathroom kit and put in a few bits of furniture to give Mrs B an idea of what could be achieved with a little patience. After much hugging Mrs B reported that she was thrilled! *phew*

After waving goodbye to Chez B, I pondered what it is that I love so much about making miniatures for people. It's not for money...since I've never sold my work. Like anyone, I like to get a pat on the back for my efforts. But that isn't it exactly. I think it is the look on someone's face when they see what you've done for them. That almost childlike, post-Christmas excitement of receiving a thoughtful gift.

The second half of the day was spent eagerly tracking a parcel across the Atlantic towards America. A few months ago I cajoled persuaded the fabulous Modern MC into a swap. I adore her blog and the fact that she inspires me daily with her fabulously cool mini scenes. If you are unfortunate enough to have never stumbled across it, please click on the 'cool blogs to visit' links to the right of this post. There are some wonderfully talented people out there...Modern MC being one of them. I'm sure she will post pictures of the designs when the parcel arrives (God willing, in one piece)

I have one more 'swap' to make before I hang up my mini tools and get ready for the Holiday Season. Time flies doesn't it?

I'm taking a few days off from work now to potter around the countryside. Maybe head up to Scotland before the winter weather kicks in.

Wherever you are, whatever you're doing, have a great weekend

Pepper =0)


  1. You make wonderful things it gives you and others so much joy!

  2. You made a beautiful house out of it, can understand Mrs. B is happy! Like the colors you used.

  3. You have the eye! It makes your work so exact in miniature! More than delighted, I am always thrilled! Cheers CM

  4. It doesn't even look like the same house. It looks amazing! Congratulations. I can definitely understand Mrs B excitement.

  5. That house looks AMAZING! You did a wonderful job! I like to do mini's for the excitement of others, too. I sell them for a very minimal price though because James would have a fit if I gave up all my time without a tangible profit. :)

    Plus, I must express my, jealousy, that you can just jaunt on up to Scotland!!!

  6. ohhhh...i felt a twinge of heartache when i came to the portion where you returned it to Mrs B....i feel the same about minis, alas, life does get in the way :(

    really lovely work. *sighs blissfully*

  7. Thanks Neomig, Mona, CM and Minima for the lovely comments =0)

    Hey Lyssa - luckily I live less than 50 miles from the borders of Scotland so it's not much of a hike. I have huge respect for miniaturists/hobbyists that are making money out of their passion. I don't think I have the courage to make that step =0/ even if I had the time

    Hey Snowfern. Life certainly does *nods in agreement*

  8. Just found your blog via Modern MC.
    Its just wonderful. I have just bought an Edward House from BD for my daughter and I to fill up!.
    I can't believe you are in the UK, we are too!.
    Please keep writing your lovely posts.

  9. Hey there Sara *waves from North of the country* Us Brits are horribly outnumbered you know so welcome to you and your daughter and thanks for dropping in to say 'Hi' =0)

  10. wow what a amazing home! My compliments!!!
    greetings Petra