Monday, 14 November 2011

Bit of this and that

This post is a little bitter~sweet =0/ You remember in my last post I mentioned that I had sorta pushed Modern MC into a swap? All was going well. The parcel left Ole Blighty on a dismal Wednesday morning and had landed in sunny US of A by Friday. Yay for express DHL. Long story short, the parcel and all its contents never made it to Modern MC, or did and was stolen by a decidedly nasty character. I don't seem to have much luck with couriers...Royal Mail are off my Christmas Card list after rattling the life out of a gift sent to Fragments Of Bean. Now this. (If only I could fashion a miniature holdall for a carrier pigeon my problems would be solved ha!)
To make matters worse, a fabulous gift arrived from Modern MC the following Wednesday *lip wibble*
I can't thank her enough for what I think is one of the most thoughtful gifts I've ever received. A 1/6th Miniio house and terrace!

I don't have any modern settings for the miniatures I make so this is like a blank canvass for me. Huge amounts of space and light, the potential for a second story, thus making it into 12th scale and it is the easiest thing I've ever put together. I.LOVE.IT!

So, initial disappointment aside, swap parcel number two is currently underway. I cannot accept that my dear friend will lose out. Nuh-hu *shakes head adamantly*

In between this and trying to get a swap made for Tam Toum, I've been looking at Christmas decorations and wondering how I can incorporate them into something miniature (don't we all?) This has got to be the easy-peasiest three-in-one lamp tutorial EVER.

Step 1: Take a bunch of Christmas baubles. Any shape, any size but they MUST be the plastic ones and not glass. 

Step 2: Use a blob of blu-tack or similar to hold the bauble whilst cutting the end off (the end that has the wire/string), with a saw.Use some 320 grit sand paper to take off the rough edges.

 Step 3: Get a piece of wire (preferably chromed). I used a piece of wire from an egg whisk that I bought for 50pence at the market (and promptly pulled to bits =0)
Bend the wire with flat nose pliers into a sorta 45 degree angle. The angle isn't hugely important at this stage.

Step 4: Bend the ends upright and then again so you have something similar to the picture below.

Step 5: For this table lamp, make a small hole in the back of the bauble, (for the light cable), and a few millimeters from either side (for the frame)

If the frame isn't quite wide enough to take the bauble then open up the angle of the frame to accommodate. Feed the wire through the hole in the back and ta-da...a directional table lamp.

Okay, so I said 'three-in-one' lamp. =0) If you want a pendant lamp, instead of making three holes, just make one hole at the back of the bauble and run the light cable through it

Ta-da again. Number two lamp.

If you want a snazzy floor standing lamp with one of those elegantly curved stands, make only one hole in the back of the bauble. Run the wire through and then feed it down some aluminium tubing (diameter dependent on the size of your wire) It helps to gently straighten the wire out before you try getting it through the tube. Once the wire is all the way through you can bend the tube over something round (a rolling pin or something like that) and it won't kink (because the wire is filling the vacant space inside)

Ta-dee-da-dee-da. Three in one lamp for less than a fiver. And the great thing about the Christmas baubles are they're cheap, come in a nation of colours and have a coating on them so they already look modern.

Before I go and just to give you a giggle, below is a very short stop motion animation I made ages ago in my miniature pub. It was one of those 'I want to see if I can do it' sorta things. Anyway. Given that 'Breaking Dawn' is just about to hit the screens in Ole Blighty AND because I was witness to a hilarious argument between an Edward Cullen (of Twilight fame) fan and a Spikey (of Buffy the vampire slayer fame) fan, I just had to do it.
Sorry the full screen version is a bit grainy. Must work on a high definition version.


Toodle pip for now. Have a great week wherever you are
Pepper =0)


  1. I love stop motion films ... Can not wait to see the results of your work!

  2. What a great tutorial, thank you.
    Hugs from Craftland

  3. What an amazing idea! These lamps look absolutely stunning*

  4. Those lamps are fantastic! I hope you don't mind, but I plan on stealing your idea!

  5. oh Pepper!!! every single one of your posts is a treasure!!! those lamps....AMAZInG?? that video....HILARIOUS AND AMAZING??!??! i love stop motion films as well, this one....LMAO!!! i wish i were there to help(read: gawk) you with it, must have been a lot of work!!!

    <3! going off to find those baubles.....:P

  6. Ohh! Clever lamp idea. And I like the stop motion film very much, Pepper. I am gearing up to try my hand at it. I'm hoping Santa brings some stop motion film software to further motivate me...Speaking of gift bearers---UGH, I hate that someone stole my swap package. It's just like you to insist on sending another = so damn nice! I've taken necessary steps to ensure it never happens again...

  7. Great stop motion animation! A whole story in only 19 seconds. I know how much work they are making them, I made a 10 minute one back in college, about 25 years ago. It seemed like we were forever moving the objects just a tiny bit, shoot a frame (or a couple, I can't remember) move them again, shoot another frame, etc. etc. Fun though! I suppose now with digital photography you could just use your photocamera and use the photos in moviemaker or something like that?

    The lights are great, thanks for showing us how you did that!

  8. Thanks Tam Toum, Craftland and Minima =0*

    Mad For Mod - course I don't mind. That's what the tutorials are there for =0)

    Hey Snowfern. Thank you and you would have been a great help. Fancy a job as a mini Producer? =0)

    Hey there Modern MC. I tried using Dragon Pro which was technically beyond me. In the end I went with windows movie maker *serious techno-numpty*
    Of course I would insist and I know you would do exactly the same in reverse circumstances

    Thanks Josje. Even 19 seconds seemed to take forever. I have HUGE respect for people who make these animated films

  9. Thank you for the great idea to make lamps!
    And good luck with the gift you have sent, it must arrive this time. The house you got must be so much fun to play with.

  10. HOKAYS but what am i producing again? :P

    so like...uhm....about that swap i suggested a long time ago....:P need some pub food? ;P i'm a little busy atm, so it won't be anytime before christmas, but let's make it a good one, DEAL???

    (how's that for cajoling/strong-arming? :P )

  11. I really hope it gets there this time Mona. I'm thinking second time is a charm right? =0)

  12. Hey again Snowfern. Acsherly I was thinking of getting in touch because I wanted something foody-specific that I know you would do an amazing job of =0)
    *shakes hands* Deal! Let me know what, where and when and we'll arrange something okay? =0*

  13. *escited*!!!! HOKAYS!!! SET! ^ ^ will mail you!

  14. 1. I cannot wait to see what you do with the Miniio house. I love that house, but 1/6 is a deal breaker for me. If you can modify it, that would be tops.
    2. Lamps are fantastic. I'm totally stealing that idea [will credit you of course :P ]
    3. That stop motion clip is FANTASTIC! For the record Spike would eat Edward alive, but I would have loved to hear that argument.

    Thanks the great mood lifting post. My day is bit cheerier.

  15. Pepper, how could I miss your blog before?
    Shame on me ! I love your blog, your style and tuts! You are so ispirational and SO clever.
    You'll see me a lot round here from now on.
    Thank you, Rosanna

  16. Hallo Dear Pepper
    Just read Modern mini blog. Couldn't we all learn how to sculptor the fire feature you'll send Modern Mini?
    "How awesome is Pepper? Yes, what you see above is her handmade 1:12 ModFire made out of aluminum sheet."
    So many thanks

  17. Hi Pepper. I wonder what had happened...I have been your follower but your blog information didn`t come to my blog :(
    Now I tyr again, I Love your Blog!

  18. Hey Mini Dork. I'm hoping to make transitional sections for the Miniio so I can change it as per the theme. My aspirations may be bigger than my skill.We'll have to see =0)

    Hi Rosanna, lovely to see you here =0)

    Hey Neomi - I'll certainly post a template of the ModFire, but after ModernMC has recieved hers. Only fair since it was her idea =0)

    Hey Kikka - glad you found me again *waves*

  19. Seriously, how do you have such incredible skills?? That ModFire is incredible!! Can't wait to see your template, it looks phenomenal.

  20. Love every thing on this post!
    The animation movie is so cool!!!!!
    I've got to try this lamp even though I'm not in the "Chistmass zone" more the "Chanuka zone"
    My "agents" in the UK got the order for baubles and Mod Podge, little wonders of the world around us......

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  22. Oooh... that little vid is fab!!! :) Do I know the Spike fan in question by any chance?

  23. Dear Pepper, damm you :))) You are amazing,I love your tutorials and will have to give those beauties a try. My daughter's first doll house is turning into a really rad place :))

  24. Pepper, sorry to bother you, my name is M.Angels and my blog is where you can see the free-amateur compilations in e-magazine format in the blog left side bar. The new number will appear first May, and I'd like to include this tutorial, mentioning, of course the source with a complete advertising page of your blog. I apologize to let you know with such a short time, but I hope it will please you. If it does not, please let me know in order to remove the tutorial. I insist, I have no profit of any kind with this "magazine", just the aim to share things I found on the net.

    I will let you know when the new compilation will appear, although I will delay the "publishing" a few days in order to give you time to give me your approval, because to tell the truth I will feel better in that way

    Thanks for sharing your knowledgment with all of us
    Maria Àngels

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    1. Hi Maria,
      I have no problem at all if you use this tutorial =0)

      Pepper x