Sunday, 16 October 2011


It was with a fair amount of excitement that I received a swap parcel from the fabulous Shopping Sherpa last week. Her ingenuity didn't disappoint. Amongst the coveted swap items, I received a knitted pouffe which I loved the first time I saw it.

I also received cushions (the 'who you callin' a fat quarter?' one makes me giggle), some gorgeous pictures, a mirrored table, beads, Flokati rugs, a food blender, books, two Scotty dogs, a shelf unit, stationary boxes, blue bunny and the smallest mini cooper car I have ever seen. Ha, that sounded like a contestant from the Generation Game.

I will endeavor to set scenes for all of the items over the coming months so you can see them all. A huge thank you to The Shopping Sherpa for her generous swap parcel =0D

Whilst browsing the WWW for anything miniaturish, I stumbled across Mike Doyle and his ingenious use of Lego Bricks.

Take a wander over to his blog for more fabulous structures. I just love how creepy the innocent childhood toy looks after Mike's makeover. Mowahahahahah!

Another stumbled-upon site I found after browsing for pinball machine images is Matica Papercraft Odd what Google throws at you! Matica released a number of mini items that you can print out and make. I love the replica foam finger gloves. Anyone making a miniature football (soccer) ground??

Before I get back to chores, a quick question for you. When you buy miniature furniture, do you expect it to replicate the full size item exactly? What I mean is, do you want all of the cupboards and draws to open?
Reason I ask, given the sway from complete dollhouses to scene setting, I wondered what mattered to miniature collectors. Sometimes I design a piece of furniture with cupboard doors/drawers and they are time consuming things to make and literally a pain in the butt to get right. I suppose it's the difference between paying pounds and hundreds of pounds for miniatures. Just wondering *shrugs*

Have a great week
Pepper =0) 


  1. Hey ! As I can see great things.I also have the plastic re ment bunny and car. Look , when you buy something in miniature it can not replicate 100% the real world. What you try, is to be realistic when you look it or when you take some shots. Personally for me it would not be a problem not opening all the drawers of the cabinets!

  2. Glad you like the package (I had to giggle over your Generation Game mention: I hadn't considered that, even though there was a fluffy toy invoved)

    As for the issue of opening cupboards and drawers, it depends. I never make furniture with opening bits myself because then I feel I'd have to fill them, which is silly when they're going to be sttic in a scene that noone's going to get to open them in.

    Perhaps you could offer two price points: one for a basic design without opening components, the other, more expensive, for the option of working components.

  3. You got wonderful minis. Love the car, and the pictures and....

    You just have to choose if you think it is important to be able to open cabinets and drawers. I would think that a little girl or boy thinks it's fun to peek into a closet, but maybe not always so important for us adults?

  4. Hi Pepper,
    What lovely items! I love the blue bunny!
    The most important thing for me is that the pieces look real. It's fun to be able to open doors and drawers for display purposes, but 80% of the time I keep it all closed. I expect to pay more for working pieces then non-working, so I think there is a good demand for both...but always visual realism is most important.
    Have a great week,

  5. Precioso intercambio.

    Besos, Narán

  6. Hey Beaute de Blighty,
    I am okay with dummy doors on most pieces. I love working doors and drawers but it doesn't make or break my interest in a piece. The wisdom of TSS is ideal--two price points. Love all these items she sent you!

  7. ohh~~!! i love them all! i too have that bunny ^ ^ but i want the car now tooo......hrmm then again i might have it already haha lost track of my Re-ment stash.....

    well. i like my minis to be 'working' minis (why i love Re-ment so much), but i understand about the price too...i think it's nice to offer the dummy version (but make the 'working' version a commission only request for serious collectors?)

    Kits would be nice too, i'm always toying with that idea but there are only that many hours in a day :P

  8. Hi again Pepper!

    I have an award for you at my blog.

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