Monday, 5 September 2011

Taggers revisited

For Leftcoastmini =0)

...and for anyone else who wants to put a bit of Graffiti on their mini structures

First, download a screen capture application. I use Faststone Capture which pretty much will take a snap shot of anything that you can see on your computer screen. So for example, if there's a picture on the web that won't let you right-click-save, then this application will. The link takes you to their can download the trial for free

Second, find a Graffiti Creator Site Type in the text and then play around until you get something you like. There's also a preset button on there that does the work for you

Once you have the finished Graffiti, open up your screen capture application. Since I use Faststone Capture I'll show you that. The Faststone buttons hover above everything on your screen but don't show up when you save it.  Click on the icon circled in red, go to the graffiti you've designed and draw a square around it with the screen capture tool by holding your left mouse button down.

Another screen pops up with the image you just captured. Save the image to your computer. Now you can print it. I've printed the image on A5 paper, scaled to paper size. It comes out at 140mm x 60mm. If you want it smaller/larger, you need to scale it to suit.

 Cut out the graffiti text, line it up against the building you want to tag =0P and draw around it with a pencil. This is so you can make it more realistic with paint splashes etc

You can flick paint onto the surface, let it drip...

If you remove the graffiti text, you should have something like this (only not so rushed)
 When you're happy with how it looks, stick the graffiti text in place.

Ta-da! Graffiti without the shady characters perusing your miniature property armed with spray cans =0)

Pepper =0)


  1. Cool! Thank you for sharing.

  2. Awesome! How ironic that I printed out some Banksy earlier this week for a project...Ha!

  3. What a great idea! I sent the graffiti link to lots of friends.

  4. It's so cool! for my next project!

  5. Gracias por el tutorial, es genial!
    Un beso

  6. haha, I love it! Just might need an edgy project now.... :)

  7. Thanks for sharing how you did the graffiti.

  8. Oh Cool! Does this mean I can now sneak into Minidork's, Minimoderns's, Doris's and tag their mini homes with Leftcoastmini graftiti? ;) No?

    Thanks I was kicking myself for being a lousy artist. You are ever generous. CM

  9. Thank you all for your lovely comments =0*