Sunday, 4 September 2011

Back to the fun

I think I can safely say that July and August have been a write-off for me in miniature terms. Work has interfered with any plans to do anything vaguely enjoyable and doesn't look like abating til at least the holidays. Never mind. 

Things I've been up to...
A work colleague asked me to help her with a doll house that she bought over a decade ago. She humorously described it as 'almost complete' bwahaha. I can only presume she was under the influence. What she meant in actual fact, was that the building had been glued together...and that was it. No wallpaper, no lights, nothing!

Within a week of being blackmailed into agreeing to work on it, it appeared on my desk with instructions to make it a Georgian cum Victorian masterpiece *guh* not my cup of tea at all but hey, each to their own.So you want it for Christmas Mrs B? No problem...sleeping and eating are for wimps O.0

...and to a truly English institution. I tried my hand at making miniature plastic carrier bags. We're not quite as Eco friendly as other countries, despite the Government/shops pushing the greener option. So I thought I would do my bit, however small, and recycle =0P


Oh yes, the last of my small accomplishments. I finally got round to painting the exterior of my miniature Pub. After sinking a few wires into the wood, a touch of textured ceiling paint to make it look rendered, I finished it with a coat of white paint. No sooner had the paint dried then the damn taggers and bill posters appeared =0P

It still needs a lot of work. I made a huge rookie mistake when building the pub...I installed the staircase before I'd painted it *doh* In frustration I took a chisel to it and carefully pried it away from the wall. The replacement staircase arrived (same style, same manufacturer) and of course it wasn't the same blummin size! Why, oh why!!? Kit builds are looking more and more attractive of late.

To finish the month off I received some lovely gifts from GGSDolls and two fabulous phantom chairs from My Realitty Thank you both so much, the gifts were greatly appreciated =0*

Three weeks until the Autumn Miniatura. Just enough time to sweet talk the bank manager and bribe the Hubby =0)


Credits: Dog-Annie Willis of Fine Design, Black and white crockery-Sally Meekins Ceramics, all others made/bought/found/swapped


  1. Many things at the same time, you must be very busy! I loved the minis shown and I'm curious how you will finish the house of Mrs B! ;)
    I liked a lot of shopping bags despite the eco-friendly!

  2. Love the shopping bags- they are recycable....
    the stool is great- the whole scene so refreshing/
    Thanks for sharing

  3. Your tagging is sublime! I tried it on the MH1 and it didn't come out as well. Did you use a photo or paint it yourself you talented creature??? Jealously, Leftcoastmini.

  4. Me gusta todo, tiene unos detalles fantásticos!
    Un beso.

  5. Those scandalous taggers! Seems like this one is named Pepper. Nasty litttle hoodlum! ;-)

    Everything looks great! Glad you're finally able to have time to blog..I'm always eager for your posts!

  6. Thanks Eliana. Even when work calls, I have half a dozen miniatures on the go =0)I'll keep you posted on Mrs B's house

  7. Thanks Cowboybunny, you're very kind =0*

  8. Hey there CM, I've written a quick tutorial for you. Oh and talented creature right back atcha! =0*

  9. Thanks Ann, I have the cops on the case of that blummin tagger =0) Heard she's a royal pain in the proverbials ha!

    Glad to get back into things and catch up with everyone's blogs. Darn, I need a 36 hour day =0*

  10. wow it all looks so real. You are really amazing!