Sunday, 25 September 2011

Autumn Miniatura 2011

Just returned from the Autumn Miniatura, in Birmingham, UK. Thought I'd post the few photographs I managed to take. I had the intention of photographing every stall I visited but as it was, I fell into a 'miniatures buying' frenzy and lost track. A lot of the sellers don't have web sites and only appear at fairs so I go armed with money, back-up money and my bank managers personal phone number =0)

Elisabeth Causeret had a wonderful display of her work. It was the first time I'd met her and what a wonderfully talented lady she is

I bought a number of items from her. Each one is exquisite in detail and perfectly scaled. This is a small selection from my purchases

Another miniaturist I was excited to see was Kim Selwood I've adored his work for many years so it was great to finally meet him and buy one of his items

I fell in love with the Batllo Chair as soon as I laid eyes on it. My first purchase at the fair =0D

Another miniaturist without a web site (or email) *rolls eyes* is Danny Shotton. I have spent the last two years collecting everything that he makes. If you love realism in your miniatures then Danny's creations are for you.

He is the first miniaturist to my knowledge, who has made working 12th scale scissors O.o He makes stainless steel kitchen knives, saws, chisels, thimbles...too many to list

I was great to see Elizabeth from Elf Miniatures again, though only briefly. As per usual her creations had gathered a crowd five deep =0)

Ray Storey is another favourite miniaturist of mine. He makes blown glass items and lighting that are just stunning.

I don't normally buy food items at fairs simply because some of my favourite sellers, (a small selection)  Snowfern Clover , Oiseau deNim , Merry Gourmet have items readily available to buy on their sites. But I decided to buy a few items from Mags-nificent Miniatures because they looked so fantastically detailed

This little fella was made by the fabulous Bettina Kaminski

A cool bonsai tree from Ceynix Miniatures

I really liked this display that Sue Cook used to show off  the architectural components she makes for miniature buildings. Many moons ago, my Husband asked me to make him a diorama so that he could display his collection of Buffy the Vampire Slayer figures (sorry dearest =0*) I bought quite a few of Sue's items at the fair with a view to start said diorama. I'm thinking graveyards, mausoleums, crypts...

I bought a great deal of wood, some tools which I am very excited about (is that sad?) and electrical components.

I hope that one day, the fair will have an equal measure of modern/contemporary and traditional items. Fabric is still sadly lacking the jump into the 21st century. There was a nation of tudor/georgian/victorian furniture =0( and only one seller that had any items if you wanted a modern store/pub/hairdressers in miniature. No doubt the growing number of modern miniature lovers will eventually drive the markets. Just hope it's in my lifetime..

Hope you've had a fabulous weekend. Til next time
Pepper =0)


  1. Oh yes, Elisabeth Causeret has the most beautiful pottery I've ever seen :)
    I have a small collection from her and it gets bigger every year, since we swap :D
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thanks for sharing these wondeful treasures, the variety of and level of skill is truly amazing. Thanks too for the links to everyone.

  3. Kind of impressed. But I have a question.In the fairs the prices are lower ?I saw the first two images and I saw very logical prices. Searching on the web, the prices are higher(like Swan House Miniatures). Anyway great buys ! Especially the Elisabeth Causeret's pot set .

  4. Hi Tam toum,
    yes the prices are normally lower at the fairs because the companies (such as Swan House) have to make a profit on top of the price they paid. You should go to a fair if you get a chance even if it's to talk to the miniaturist. So many are really helpful about their technique and can give you advice

  5. *jaw drops at the awesomeness* Thank you for providing pics of the fair, and for the introduction to the wonderful works. I hope to see someday a dollhouse miniature fair of such quality in SG...wah wah wahhhh~~! *envious eyes*

  6. What a great mini vacation! Thanks your descriptions are so complete I feel like I got to go with you. Hmmm except I dont have the stuff... C

  7. I'd love to go to one of the Miniatura shows, & being in Birmingham they're not that far from me! Elisabeth Causeret's work is gorgeous, the crackled white pieces you got are beautiful, & the Storey & Selwood stalls looked fantastic too.

  8. Thank your for sharing these beautiful miniatures!

  9. Aww man, I wish I could have gone with you. Not sure I'd be able to afford my flight back to the States but at least I'd have some beautiful new minis.Ha! Thanks for posting this information and the great photos.

  10. Hi Pepper,

    Thanks for the sharing of Birmingham show and this was part of my memory too.
    I have been at the fair one and half days. We might just pass by but did not know it. :)

    I also bought some treasures from Danny Shotton and Ray Storey. It's pity Mr. Shotton does not have a web or email for overseas orders. Ray is a very humorous and friendly seller. Both of them are excellent artists.

    I was surprised when seeing my nickname in the post. Thank you so much for liking my works.


  11. I am envious of the Kim Selwood chair you got. I would love to see his work in person. Thanks for sharing these photos of your finds! :)

  12. Me ha encantado conocer tanto artesano¡¡¡
    Gracias por compartir con todos, un beso

  13. Just love Elisabeth Causeret's work. I bought some of her rakù/cracklé vases during the annual Milano Miniaturitalia show. It's the only show in Italy as far as I can tell. It is so frustrating to see so much talent and no one selling online. Only shows. Which does me no good.... I live in Tuscany and have to go to Milano just to make my purchases ! You are so lucky!

    1. Hi Pavluv,
      it is getting harder to find miniatures close by. Unfortunately Elizabeth doesn't come to the UK Miniatura often. I also love Patrizia Santi but have only seen her once. It would be lovely if all miniature artisans sold their goods online =0/

  14. Elizabeth does have an email eventually. Here is a link to some stuff I bought at the Milano show. Patrizia Santi was there but I was not on the lookout for shoes or leather. I fell in love with the marble minis. I'm surprised that more artisans don't sell on Etsy.