Thursday, 30 June 2011

Signed, sealed and delivered

I'm happy to say that the last of the giveaway prizes are finished and making their merry way to their new owners. The lovely Tam Toum, who posts almost on a daily basis about anything miniature on the net, in magazines and on TV, chose a 12th scale desk as her prize. (I'm starting to see that blummin' desk in my dreams of late =0P). Instead of the dark blue of the original desk, Tam Toum wanted a light green middle drawer and I think her choice makes it look very bright and contemporary.

HBean wanted something in 1:6 scale to display her enormous collection of  Re-Ment . She provided me with a photograph of a 1960's G-Plan Librenza 880, which she loved and together we came up with her preferred style and size.

This is the end result...

 The wood is spruce, stained in dark oak, mixed with white Formica. The whole unit is 12 inches tall by 8 inches wide.
All of the drawers and cupboards are functional so HBean can spend hours storing and displaying her Re-Ment collection. It was great to have the opportunity to work in 1:16th, 1:12th and 1:6th scale for each of the giveaway winners. I primarily work in 1:12th scale so these projects blew the cobwebs off the mathematical side of the brain.

Thank you again to everyone who entered my first giveaway. No doubt I will be posting other goodies in need of a new homes so stay tuned.

Okay, I'm off now for a long weekend with a gang of my girlie friends. See you when I get back

Pepper =0)


  1. you are so generous and talented. wow wow wow!
    i can only repeat.

  2. These are so amazing! I can't believe that they aren't actual life-sized furniture. Great work. :)

  3. You have to be kidding me! That is just amazing!!!!!! My mouth will not close for my jaw dropping so low! I love love love this piece!!!! You are way talented!!


    dangit i'm so jealous. GARRGHGHHG will you be selling soon? or can i beg/wheedle/tempt you into a trade? :P :E

  5. I love that cabinet/shelf! You are way awesome! I love this hobby for meeting people with glorious talent like yours.

    I also like the new colors for the desk. That is really bright and contemporary!

    PS. got your package. ♥♥♥ not enough of those to express my love! posted on the blog.

  6. It's LOVELY.. you my dear Penny are a magician!

  7. I'm still so sad that I didn't win your giveaway. Your work is truly outstanding--I am very impressed! The cabinet/shelf is a work of art!

  8. The colours on the desk for Tam Toum are so bright & fresh! I'm sure she will love it as much as I love the mini-Librenza (which really is a work of art! it arrived today - it's gorgeous, I love it AND it smells lovely!).

    Thank you again for all your hard work, I'll be in touch once you get back from your long weekend (I hope you have a great time!), there was a minor issue during the mini-Librenza's journey which I'm hoping i can sort out with some advice from you. A pox on Royal Mail!

  9. Thank you pepper for every thing! I hope you have a lovely weekend! A question- looking at your Flickr ( one time in many) I noticed the lovely action dolls you used. I have the Dr Who's , yours however are different. could you enlighten us?

  10. Thank you everyone

    Snowfern ~ You know I love your miniatures so I'm sure we can work out a swap =0)

    Lyssa ~ I totally agree. There are some fabulously talented people out there and it's a joy to see.

    Plushpussycat ~ keep checking in Honey. I'll keep doing giveaways for as long as people will want my miniatures

    HBean ~ Email sent and issue hopefully resolved. A big, stinky pox on the Royal Mail *nods*

    Neomi ~ Thank you I had a great weekend. I think some of the figures are from 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' and the others are from a British BBC series called 'Robin Hood' I don't know if you can still get them since both programs have finished but they pop up on Ebay from time to time.

  11. an etsy store! ha ha!

    These are wonderful--but I'm NOT surprised because you make awesome miniatures. So jealous of these winners.

  12. Wow... just... WOW!!! All of it looks fab... as always! :) Hope you enjoyed your weekend away... I know I did... ;)

  13. The desk is now on display in Spook House, actually the new Spook House. I told you I was very inspired by the desk, and to get enough space for the scene I made around it, I had to build a new shop for Karl Edo :-)
    Thank you so much again, and I love the 1:6 scale shelf you made too, it's absolutely stunning!

    Today we're flying to Edinburgh :-)

  14. So many wonderful pieces! I am in love with your lovely work! hugs from Guam, gg

  15. I just wanted to say how much I love your miniatures and your blog.
    Keep going with the good work :)

  16. Thank you very much :)
    It makes me so happy to know you liked my work.