Sunday, 19 June 2011

Giveaway winner prizes

Since my Hubby drew out the names from my first giveaway yesterday I've been itching to start making something for the winners. Pubdoll  wanted a 16th scale replica of the office desk that I'd made so I decided to start with that (I do hope that you haven't changed your mind Helene or it will be literally back to the drawing board ha-ha) It would serve me right. I am cursed with impatience =0/
So this is the finished article.

...and next to my own 12th scale desk for reference

 I hope you like what I've made for you =0)

I've also packaged up two three seat sofa's with cushions for


 and Anarniel

I'll be sending a third sofa to Lyssa when I get her addy =0)

This afternoon I'll start on the second of the custom made items for H Bean. (pictures to come)

Meanwhile, my own miniature pub is coming along well. After a few hours of head scratching and with a lot of help from mini friends, I made the attic ladders that I wanted to connect the second floor to the roof space. The mechanism itself wasn't too bad. I measured from the landing to the roof to get the length of the ladder then divided the measurement by three. This is so the ladder can fold up into the loft hatch when not in use. Typically...well typical of me I had done things back to front. The loft hatch needed to be bigger than originally estimated so with the tiled roof already done I had to balance it on its edge whilst cutting a larger hole into the ceiling. This episode follows a long list of 'I wish I'd done this before installing that' since starting the pub *sighs*

Anyway, the attic ladders are installed and working *phew*. Another item off the 'to do' list. Just the staircase, banister, stair carpet, wall painting, ceiling light..etc, etc to do =0P

 I don't know why but this picture makes me giggle. I think it reminds me of the film 'Bruce Almighty' where God (Morgan Freeman) uses a clapper to turn the light on and off muwahahahaha. I LOVE that film!

Hope you're all having a great weekend


  1. I hadn't changed my mind at all and I love the desk, I can't believe you already made it and that the drawers actually opens! And I love the colours too! Very suitable for Spook House :-)
    I will give you my address as soon as I have sent this comment off :-)
    And the ladder is just perfect, I'm so impressed!

  2. Love the ladder love the desk! Where do I see the Pub? Cheers! CM

  3. Yeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!! How did I totally miss this? I mean that I won something! Woohoo!!! I just thought about you, too, because I FINALLY found some of those metal skewers to make those fab chairs. :)

    Will send addy now! Thanks!

  4. I, for the life of me, cannot find an email link for you. Could you email me and I will send you my addy in return? Blasted technology! Thank you!

  5. !!! oh man that's AMAZING! you've been so busy! i LOVE LOVE LOVE everything and have to admit, the jealousy horns are coming out >:E XD i love the attic ladder. super realistic work.....o.O

  6. Congrats to the winners! I love that last photo...great lighting!

  7. I am glad I found your blog.
    Your furniture are really unusual !
    Bravo and keep going this way !!!

  8. I am so looking forward to seeing all the items in their new homes & what you create for Tam toum. The desk for Pubdoll/Helene is gorgeous (& of course I'm stupidly excited about the piece you're making for me).

    The sofas you've made are lovely, it looks so chic in grey, & the attic ladders have turned out so well!

  9. That ladder looks amazing! You're so very clever!!! :)

  10. Thanks all =0)

    CM: I desperately need to upload what pictures I have of the pub. So much to do, so little time GAH!