Sunday, 22 May 2011

Modern Wallpapers

For the last two weeks I've been designing something new for a swap with The Shopping Sherpa What do you make for the girl who has just about everything miniature? The posting date has been set for the end of May which I'm sure TSS will stick to =0/  and had to be made from materials around the home. More on that later

In between sanding, gluing, soldering and cutting my finger twice *DOH* I've been pottering around the modern wallpaper sites and pinching borrowing images for miniature wallpapers. Have I mentioned that there just aren't enough modern/contemporary wallpapers~accessories~houses out there on the market? Once or twice I'm sure. So to save you having to source them I've put thumbnails of the designs below. Just click on them to get the full size (I've scaled them to A4 paper), save it to your computer and print on 'best'. The dpi is 300 so they should print well.

If anyone's interested in having a modern wallpaper resource, I'll put a folder into Google docs with a link and add to them as and when I find or design any. 


  1. Thank you so much for this opportunity!most of them are lovely and just perfect in size!

  2. Dear Pepper
    Where is my post gone? Thanks for the lovely wallpaper just perfect in size!
    A question: how and where do you buy the italian shoes you showed on Flicker?

  3. OOOOOO La la!
    I have a problem, though with commitment, so wall paper is tough for me. I rely on plain walls with art, that can be changed. CM

  4. Hey there Neomi,
    I think your first post just needed moderating through Blogger settings =0/

    The shoes are Patrizan's from Flickr
    I bought them when Patrizia visited the Spring Miniatura fair in the UK. Her email is if you want to get in touch about buying her goodies. They are supremely beautiful and well made =0)

  5. Hi CM,
    I understand what you mean. I was thinking for anyone who wants a different look. I tend to use paperclips to hold the wallpaper in the scene so I can change it. I never paste it into place.

    Hmmm, I may get together a collection of posters and wall art too. *shrugs* anything might be helpful for us mini-ers =0)

  6. Gracias Pepper! son muy bonitos, tu blog es fantástico soy ya tu seguidora!
    Un abrazo

  7. Gracias Rosamargarita, estoy feliz de que vino a visitar mi blog. Mis mejores deseos y abrazos