Sunday, 17 April 2011

An Introduction

About two years ago, after scouring the internet and finding a distinct lack of choice, I decided to design and build my own 12th scale public house.
I had a very clear idea of what I open plan bar area, the building had to split into three different levels so I could view it from the side and above. I suppose I could have hired a bespoke Dollhouse maker for the job but in the end I opted for the weekend project route. 'No problem' I thought 'buildings are just a series of boxes clumped together, I can do that'. I won't go into the torment of learning 'A' framing for the roof just yet, save to say that the learning curve went from horizontal to vertical in a matter of weeks. 

I spent an obsessive amount of time shadowing the tradesmen I work with, absorbing every hint and tip they could give me (the words 'restraining order' came up on more than one occasion). But two years later I can say I built every square inch, installed every light, painted each and every windowsill of the pub on my own

Now the reason for this post and ultimately the impetus behind starting a blog did not come from building a 12th scale pub from scratch. The real nightmare came from trying to furnish the pub in two very different styles. The idea was the the pub belonged to a traditional brewery, which was leased out to a tenant *I have been accused of having a wildly vivid imagination*. So the pub area would have a jukebox, a fruit machine (slot machine *US), pool table etc. The upstairs would be kitted out in the relevant and modern furniture available to buy today (2011). This was the proverbial pain in the butt. I counted a handful of miniaturists who sold anything post Victorian and even fewer that embraced anything vaguely contemporary. This led me to one conclusion...I had to make everything myself.

So very long story short, this blog will be about my trials and tantrums making chairs, tables, a complete fitted kitchen, in fact anything you can think of. With each post I intend to make step-by-step tutorials on how to do it. I don't want to teach anyone to suck eggs ~ I hope you'll take (or leave) what you want to from them. 

Til next time,
                     Pepper =0)



  1. Good Luck - I'm joining in as your follower, about to try all those "Men" jobs you are so successful in.

  2. Thank you Neomi.

    "Men jobs" LOL =0)
    Hey, anyone who can run a home, work, raise children, feed a family etc etc can pretty much do anything in my book.

    You'll be amazed at what you can achieve when you set your mind to it! Good luck and please show the finished project on your site. It would be fabulous to see them

  3. Super duper blog Pepper :) Your furniture is fantastic and so neatly put together too. Enjoyed it all. The tripod, the ikea cupboard, the flower lamp etc. all of it :D