Monday, 21 November 2016

30 somethings #6 - Modern Christmas Decorations

#6 Modern Christmas Decorations

I never appreciate the escapism of my hobby more than when real life becomes stressful. My employers announced in August that they needed to save five million pounds a year in staffing costs, which equates to at least 130 jobs. To date, 235 people have lost their livelihood and the culling process is not yet complete.
In one Faculty, the manager thought it would be appropriate to herd the 'redundant' and 'safe' group into adjoining meeting rooms, X Factor style, and tell them their fate simultaneously. One room cheering, the other red-eyed and subdued.
It is miserable.

So last weekend I opted for cheer over gloom and picked a half dozen or so Christmas decorations from Pinterest to make.

Pompom wreath -

Steps - you cut a circle out of card, punch out another circle smaller than the first and stick mini pompoms to it. Add ribbon as desired.

Steps - any bit of wood, painted. Wooden star from hobby shop and lettering painted carefully or rubbed on from Letraset transfer sheet

Steps - string teeny bells on wire hoop. Seal ends with heat shrink and add ribbon as desired

Steps - twist brown florists tape into a loose circle and wash with white acrylic paint. Add stars/decor

Steps - cut 5mm squares of festive material and thread together. Pull thread tight and knot.

I promise my next post will be less grrr and more yeeaaah!

Wishing you a happy week
Pepper =0)