Tuesday, 16 June 2020

Yet more printies

The lockdown over the last three months has prevented me buying any new materials. Most of the companies I use were closed altogether, some provided mail order but I felt uneasy burdening an already busy Royal Mail with 'non critical' deliveries.
It occured to me that I don't utilise readily available materials around the house as much as I could. I have a pretty good printer/scanner and an abundance of full scale food packaging that I could scale down for use in miniature. Anything bigger than my A4 scanner bed proved a pain; cutting the packaging up, scanning and then restitching it in design software, but it was doable. If you don't have a scanner, it's possible to photograph food packaging and resizing it in photo editing software.

It's no coincidence that a lot of these packages are sweet stuff 😂 Until I learn how to sculpt fruit and vegetables, my food miniatures will always look unhealthy!

If you want a copy of the food packaging to make for yourself, you can find the link HERE or from the 'PRINTIES' link in my blog header.

Back to the scanner
Have a great week
Pepper 😊