Sunday, 16 June 2019

Back to Earth without a bump

Apart from a delay in Chicago that cut our time there in half, our holiday ran smoothly. Ten states in all, 4225 miles and memories that I will treasure.
For me, two of the highlight had to be visiting the Thorne Miniature Rooms at the Art Institute in Chicago and the Toy and Miniature Museum in Kansas City. It was inspiring, amazing and interesting in equal measures.

 Dare I say the Thorne Rooms deserve better lighting, given that they're set in gloomy halls and are back-lit with off-white lights. My camera just about managed to pick up the detail beyond the reflective glass case and it took a fair amount of editing to correct the colour cast. Despite this, the details in each room are stunning and I spent the full half day we had in Chicago admiring each one.

In comparison, the Toy and Miniature Museum of Kansas City have a more contemporary selection but both are well worth the visit.  What I loved most about the Kansas City Museum exhibits is that some of them are set on turntables so that you can view them from every angle.

This amazing skeleton by Lloyd McCaffery is hand carved in boxwood and each bone or group of bones is pinned together with bamboo pegs. MIND.BLOWN.

The rest of our trip was filled with visiting some of the stunning National Parks of the USA and enjoying the sunshine.

For anyone visiting from the UK, you may benefit from the observation I made whilst over there...

The majority of roads in the USA are straiiiiiight!!! Kudos America. You know where you want to go and you take the most direct route 😆

Scones = Biscuits

Biscuit and cookies = Cookies

*They refrigerate their eggs
*They have a million different coffee additives like French Vanilla and Cinnamon, not just milk and they're yummy
*You have to pay for gas (petrol) before they'll let you have it
*Heavy good vehicles don't have a 65mph limiter on them so don't be surprised if you're overtaken by a juggernaut, in the fast lane doing 80
*No one flashes their headlights to warn you of a speed trap - probably the reason my Husband got a speeding ticket! 😅
*They sell guns and ammo in Walmart (our Asda equivalent)
*All of the people I met presumed I was either Scottish or Irish because I didn't sound like the Queen 😐
*They are super courteous and friendly - take note Londoners --- your miserable shit won't fly over there 😄
*Buffalo wings aren't from Buffalo (the place or the animal)
*In case you're confused, there are stars and stripes flags everywhere to let you know where you are. You're in America and they're patriotic. Unlike us Brits who are positively discouraged from flying a flag unless it's the World Cup or you want to be labelled a fascist
*They have all manner of beasties that can bite, kill, maim and eat you so prepare to run faster than your travelling companion
*Their weather can kill you too. I'll never complain about our weather again!!
*The steering wheel is on the wrong side of the car and they drive on the right 😁

Thank you USA, I had a blast and would go through the stress of flying in a heartbeat to visit again 😊
Pepper :)