Friday, 24 May 2019

Last minute dash

I've done very little mini making over the last couple of weeks. But I thought I'd post a 'what I've been up to' before I head off to the US of A tomorrow.

The Gothic Manor is inching at glacial pace towards being weather tight. I designed a pair of double doors which incorporate the same Gothic tracery that appears on other parts of the building, in the hope that it will bring it all together.

 I can't decide how to finish them - paint, stain, weather them down. Suggestions would be greatly appreciated! As you can see, the stonework is the same as it was last year. In true miniaturist fashion, I can't work out how to make the colour more realistic so have avoided it like a plague :P

The other couple of things I've done were done a couple of months ago but again, in true miniaturist fashion, my short concentration span had me wandering off to something new.

I'm keen to experiment with mobile furniture. As such I had some simple caster wheel brackets etched at PPD Ltd who, I have to say, have been immensely patient with me. It seems every new venture means another piece of software I have to learn O-0

What I like about them is that they actually move, as long as you glue the pin and not the bracket onto the furniture.

WEEeeeeeeeeee. I spent more time pushing it across the table than I did making it :D

The second thing I tried were milk crates. I loved Kats post from the MET mini show. One of her purchases were super realistic milk crates by Keenderson Miniatures I have to say I'm in no way adverse to paying for well made miniatures. The thing that deters me from buying from abroad is the shipping you pay on top. For us Brits, anything over £15 incurs an import tax which can easily mount up. So I found the size of a regular old milk crate, resized it and made a file to cut on the laser.

Hmm, it just occured to me that many of you have Cricut there any interest in me adding SVG files to this blog to download? These crates could be made with mountboard. In fact most of the things I make could be cut since I primarily use 1.5mm materials. Let me know in the comments if it would be useful to anyone.

I'll say bye for now and see you in three weeks.

Have a lovely weekend all
Pepper :)