Sunday, 12 October 2014

More shed progress

Apart from the wonderful Danny Shotton hand tools that I have to display in the shed, there are still a number of things I want to make before I can step back and say 'I'm done'. 
As is currently the norm for modern miniatures, and particularly work related miniatures, there isn't a great deal of ready made items for sale.
I've started with a soldering iron station, thinking these are the sorts of things I would have in my own life-size shed. The soldering iron station is a couple of Evergreen Styrene shapes cut, sanded and glued together. The soldering iron handle is acrylic turned on a lathe. The rest, just bits of wire from my recycle drawer. I couldn't resist installing a red LED to make it look as if the unit was turned on. I think sometimes, lights add to the realism of a miniature.

The solder is jewellry beading wire wound around a reel that I cut on a lathe. The soldering board is 1.5mm wood painted with white acrylic and dusted with black pastel to make it look burned. To get a textured surface, I put a little flour onto the paint while it was still wet. If you look really close, there are tiny dots of silver to mimic solder splots. This is metallic acrylic paint dotted on with a dressmakers pin - do you think I go too far trying to achieve realism in the stuff I make? ha-ha.
Because the wire powering the led is out of scale, I need to hide it and put in a fake plug and socket to maintain the illusion.

Again, this is styrene (for the plug), wire from my recycling drawer and the socket was cut on a laser cutter from 3mm acrylic.

The pot I've used for the flux is the bottom of a plug protector. It's out of scale - the thickness of the plastic looks wrong - but until I can find anything better, this is all I have.

 I did have an A-HA moment recently, trying to find something to make a plastic trug out of. 

These things are really common in the UK. I had a bottle that used to contain camera lens cleaner. I marked out the shape with a pen and cut it out with a scalpel. Just need to paint it something gardener-esque.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend

Pepper =0)