Monday, 5 October 2015

Autumn Miniatura 2015

I try to take as many photos as I can when visiting miniature fairs, to share and keep as a reminder of a fab day. Unfortunately the ride down there was dogged with 210 miles of road works, heavy traffic due to the Rugby World cup and being caught behind what seemed like a billion motorcyclists attending the Ride to the wall rally . Literally a billion.
No complaints here, I just wish I had planned the journey better such as travelling the day before or inventing a teleporter. So less time = less photos.

More than anything I was looking forward to seeing TYA kitchen who were attending Miniatura. When I got to their table I was quite taken aback. Yukio-San asked through a translator if I had recently posted a comment on their blog asking them to visit the UK. (Yes, yes I had) It was weird because later, another seller recognised me and I started wondering whether my face had appeared on crime-stoppers and I hadn't realised. The translator was a lovely lady working with a crew covering the show for Japanese Television and kindly helped me tell Yukio-San and Asako-San how much I admired their work. They are such an adorable and talented couple.

Their table was popular and needless to say, I spent the majority of my budget there. I hope TYA kitchen come to the UK again and that the show organisers continue to attract sellers from across the globe. For many collectors, it is their only opportunity to see them.

Here's my haul =0D

The other photos I took were of Glorious Twelfth. John Lewthwaite, the very talented mind behind these historically accurate buildings, is a lovely gent to talk to. He always spends a great deal of time explaining the history behind his designs and how he makes them. I always profess a love of modern above everything else but if I were to buy a historical building, this would have been it.

 The windows are acid etched metal which John has made. Just fabulous!

Well that is about it. 
Have a lovely week
Pepper =0)