Friday, 30 January 2015

New Project

     Early last year, I made a conscious decision to make permanent homes for all of the beautiful miniatures I have. It pains me to have them stuffed in drawers when they deserve to be displayed for anyone to see. The shed housing my collection of Danny Shotton tools is complete so I have decided to make a simple roombox to display some of my favourite modern furniture and accesories. I considered buying a complete building to house them in but since space is limited, I'm going to construct one large-ish, single room. I'm aiming for a loft apartment with large windows - something airy and awash with natural light. (disclaimer - the end product may look nothing at all like I planned since I change my mind...a lot)

This is the start - my good friend Kevin, explaining how to router the windows (and cleaning up after me - bless him). I needed the shape to be consistent and I'm pretty useless with a jigsaw.

 I cut the window template on the laser cutter, (which could be done by hand too), and then used a router to follows the inside line of the template. 

The template is then moved along and clamped for the next cut. You can just about see my pencil line that acts as a guide so the windows are evenly spaced.

 Since the wall is suposed to be that of an old, industrial building, I cut two sets of windows and glued wood in between to make the wall appear thicker. This was preferable and much lighter than using one piece at 18mm thick.

The frame of the windows are finished off with a strip of 1.5mm thick plywood. The plywood is extremely flexible so it is perfect for curved surfaces. 

After the plywood is glued in place, I used a finger plane to shave the plywood flush with the rest of the wall.

Next will be an awful lot of bricks and I'm dreading it....

So while I glue about four hundred bricks in place, I thought I would throw in a quick giveaway. I bought a collection of Angie Scarr books at Kensington last November with a view to giving them away as a prize.

 Angie kindly autographed each one. If you want a chance to win the collection of these fabulous books, please leave a comment on this post and I'll draw out one winner next Friday. (please note, the text is in English)

Have a great weekend
Pepper =0)