Monday, 18 May 2015

Trip to London

At the beginning of the year, Annina and Marion got in touch to see if I fancied meeting up at the Kensington Dollshouse Fair in London. After a nano second of consideration, I immediately booked tickets for a weekend break. I'm back - exhausted, lighter in the purse but with a bag of miniature goodies. Best of all, I loved spending it with a couple of very talented and like minded Ladies. I'm so glad we had a chance to chat over dinner and compare notes and tips. Thank you both, you really made it a special trip for me.

There are no photos from inside the show - it was extremely busy and I spent a good deal of time chatting. I did, however, take a few of the supplier exhibits just inside the venue. Sorry for the poor quality, they are in a glass case and the lighting isn't the best.

I always find the exhibitors very accomodating when you ask permission to take photos but there is always a crowd around each table. You have to be mindfull that everyone is just as excited as you are to see everything on display.

The following photos are of the things I bought.
Bonni Backe from Weevings.Com makes the most authentic, beautiful woven items I have ever seen. This Afghan is so fine and I am told, drapes realistically over furniture by dampening it with tap water

I always visit Trulyscrumptious at fairs because their work is impeccable. Yet more items for my shed =0)

Teresa Martinez had a beautiful stand. I bought even more items for the shed and some glass bottles.

I can't resist the sweet plushies from Five Valley Bears (sorry, no site)

Elisabeth Causeret (sorry no site). Wonderful ceramics as always

I bought this parlour palm from Petite Fleur, (sorry, no site), after my weekend buddies spotted them. They're made of etched brass and painted so not only are they robust but also finely detailed

Le mini di Pierluigi was a must visit for me. I've heard nothing but good things about his kits and I wasn't disappointed.

The last two items I bought, were things that I have wanted for a while and were the hardest to get hold of.
The first, Paul Briggs of Nottingham (sorry no site), made me work for one of his scale model ships...
He had one Blue Nose Schooner left...which I wanted to buy
'I won't sell to just anyone' he told me.
I was bemused.
'Can I buy it?' I asked
After an appraising pause he answered 'Since you're from 'God's County', meaning county Durham which is NOT the county I'm from, 'I'll let you have it'
'Good' I nodded, trying my best Durham accent and taking a wad of money from my purse
'Wait' he said 'You need to hold it first'
I held it as per his instruction while he regaled me with a rather awful tale of him bringing a customer to tears because she impatiently asked if her commision ships were ready.
'Yes'  he said, a little too gleefully for my liking 'she stood in the middle of the fair in floods of tears but I wouldn't relent'


So here it is

Yes, a beautiful model. Yes, worth the money but what a beligerent old goat

The final purchase is from the wonderful Takumi Takanashi On Friday, Marion and I were pretty fast getting into the fair. I headed straight for Takumi's stall to find two of her wonderful models 'not for sale' and three already sold. I had my suspicions that other sellers had got there before me. I gave them all the look...

I was devastated....


I've experienced this disapointment before. Months before I fell in love with a gorgeous miniature skunk on Ebay. The seller is American. The auction finished at 2am in the morning (UK time). Undeterred, I stayed awake for the last ten minutes of the sale. Wham, I placed in a huge bid. No way would I lose out. The sale ended. Did I win? NO! Stupidly, I put in a bid of pounds, not dollars and then I put the decimal point in the wrong place. 400 dollars, not 4 pounds! ARGHHHHhhhhhhh!
Anyway, I digress.
Hubby sugested that Takumi may be holding back for the second day of the Fair. Sure enough, bounding through the crowds like a crazy lady I got to her table and there was a new mini animal.
MY new mini animal...

Meet Sam, my new Collie =0D

So happy =0))

I really need to make Sam some toys and a food bowl then I will post the all scale sofa tutorial that I promised.

Have a fab week

Pepper =0)