Sunday, 16 November 2014

More Haste, Less Speed

       About six weeks ago, I tried to make molds from all of the bottles I had cut on the lathe. This, I thought, would save me time in the long run since I may want to make multiples of each item to fill the shelves in the shed. Roll forward six weeks and I can honestly say that I hate making molds and casting. HATE IT.
      I spent two weeks trying to make the molds, without bubbles. Another two weeks, once I'd resolved the bubble issue, trying to cast something out of the molds. I don't know if I'm using the wrong resin, mixing it for too long or if I'm just plain useless at it but every casting came out with bits missing. This past week I decided to just bite the bullet and make each individual bottle/tin out of a dowel on the lathe and paint it.

I've kept the end of the dowel on to make it easier to hold while I paint it with acrylic

and apply the labels with regular PVA glue.

The labels were designed in Inkscape which is a free-to-download graphics program. It may be worth mentioning here that I use photography paper to print anything miniature. That way the print looks glossy and the colours rich. I buy the cheap, 100-sheets for £5 type. However, photography paper is thick and quite hard to bend so I always split the paper in half after it's been printed.

 You just need to get you fingernail under a corner and carefully tear the back away. I find this stops the photography paper splitting when you fold it.

I did a few more printing jobs. 
This is a 12th scale box of diposable gloves. If you want a copy of the PDF file to print your own, click Here

If you're mad patient enough to cut out the
gloves that go inside, the PDF for printing is Here

I've uploaded it in PDF format so that you can scale to fit.

I cut the perforated tab with a scalpel
and folded it back to show some of the gloves inside.

Feel free to share =0)

The last thing I did this week was make a cable reel. 

Which was made from (below) - Sewing machine bobbin, wood dowel to fit inside bobbin, laser cut plastic circle for the plug holes (alternatively this could be done with a printer), styrene rectangle (for the plug), styrene round (for the cable reel handle), brass rod for the stand, heatshrink for the stand handle and about a meter of black wire. Painted in Tamiya gloss orange and black.

That's it from me. Have a lovely day

Pepper =0)