Friday, 17 July 2015

Cracking job

I've had a smashing couple of weeks with Fenton Lodge.
The wall tile sheets were glued into place. The floor tiles cut and glued. I really don't know why I opted to cut the formica sample into tiles. It was a pain and would have been far easier to lay it in one go but hey-ho, sometimes you think of the easier option after you've struggled for five days doing it the hard way.

I made a shower head with a screw cap, some brass rod, a washer, a sprinkler designed in Inkscape and painted it all silver

The shower controls were cut on the laser cutter from plastic sheet and glued together. I used sewing pins as the hot and cold inserts. The shower cubicle screen was cut from clear acrylic sheet. The shower waste, (plug hole), is a washer and a stud earring post 

I have to say I was feeling pretty happy at this point. Everything was going smoothly. I started on a vanity unit which is easy to make if you're not interested in having working drawers and doors. It is a case of cutting a piece of solid wood and covering it with a veneer or paint to make it look more realistic. I bought a ceramic bowl from Elf Miniatures because I liked the idea of having an integrated sink/vanity unit rather than hanging the sink from a wall.

Then, I dropped the bowl.

Man, I am so clumsy. So in a temper, I started again and made another base, covered it with formica and set a new bowl into it.


It came together in the end.

The basin tap and door handle are just bits of aluminium rod, tube and washers. There is still so much to do - personal items, towels, mirror, lighting, shelves maybe.

I'm looking forward to moving into the main part of the lodge. I feel like large items like the kitchen are more my comfort zone.

Have a wonderful weekend

Pepper =0)