Friday, 17 April 2015

Back in black

Things are moving a little faster this week. Fenton lodge is getting to a point where the finished project is beginning to emerge.
From the extension, I've moved onto a sliding door. The kit door is too small now that I have altered the front of the building but I will use it somewhere else. The sliding door is simple, basically a sandwich of wood - wood - perspex - wood. I've laser cut the outside door frames but it would be just as easy to make up all three frames from wood strips.

The 'glass' sits inside the lighter wood and all are glued together like a sandwich

The runners for the sliding door are 'u' shaped channels that the door sits in. I did it by lowering the height of my table saw blade and cutting a groove into the wood but again, this can be done using strips glued together or buying some from any dollhouse shop that sells wood profile.

I glued the runners in place, (to the ceiling and floor), then measured the height in between to get the dimensions I needed to make the door. If you wanted two sliding door that pass each other, then you would need to put two 'u' shaped channels side by side. I opted for one sliding door and a piece of 'glass' that acts as a wall. I think this will keep the room looking airy but I will have to mark the glass wall with something. Can't have mini people walking into it now can I?


Next, the deck and cladding. I'm going for contemporary, (shocker, I know), and I've seen a few buildings recently that have a mix of black cladding and red wood. I think it looks really beautiful so I opted for Mahogany and stained plywood. The stain is satin ebony by Ronseal.

The decking is 10mm strips of 3mm thick Mahogany. I've used a metal rule to space the boards.

Man I was on a roll that day. I didn't realise that I had cut my fingers, twice, and was putting blood spots on the boards until I'd finished.

I don't think you can't call yourself a fully fledged miniaturist unless you've done at least one of the things below

A) Jarped yourself with a craft knife
B) Glued yourself to something miniature with superglue
C) Bought something full scale and promptly taken it to bits to use in a miniature project
D) Used black or silver spray paint

Anyway, the cladding. I've put a small gap between each board for some interest and to mimic the deck.

Still haven't made a mini squeegee. Damn, look at how mucky those windows are? O~O

Have a fab weekend

Pepper =0)