Saturday, 4 July 2015

Water Features and Waterfalls

It started with a comment on my blog that I couldn't shake out of my head? (I get fixated like that) Sarah said I needed to make/buy a water feature to sit on the deck of Fenton Lodge. (Why would you do that Sarah? Why Sarah, WHY? ;0P)
Where would I start? Can you even buy a miniature water pump? No you can't if you're wondering or for that matter, a modern-ish water feature. So

I started with some very thin copper sheet and cut out some maple leaves with a craft punch.

Using a stylus, I pressed and shaped the copper to make the leaves look more 3 dimensional. Then I stripped some 1.5mm copper from a piece of scrap wire and straightened it between pliers. You can use a vice for this but I don't have one so pliers it is.

I soldered a few leaves onto each piece of wire then arranged each one into a bowl/pot, using blu-tak to hold them. I tried to arrange them in a way that water being pumped through the branches would fall naturally over the leaves and drop onto some of the leaves below. Once I was relatively happy with that I poured a small amount of Woodlandscenics Realistic Water into the pot and let it set.

I've never used realistic water before and had no idea how to use it so it was informative watching a video tutorial.This video shows you how to make waterfalls by pouring lines of the scenic water onto a waterproof surface, (I used a glass chopping board), and when it's dry you can peel it off. This gives you long 'drips' that you can arrange so it looks like it is falling from the leaves.

This is the finished water feature.

I really like the copper against the mahogany and black background. I think copper may become a theme =0)

Have a wonderful weekend